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Stoned teenage slut gets fucked

Damian glanced over the fence to make sure the girl was
alone then, propping his arms on the top edge of the
fence, he spoke. “Hello.”

The girl’s body jerked in surprise, then she spun
around to face the voice. She unexpectedly felt a
little thrill and warmth in the pit of her stomach. The
man looking over the fence at her could not have come
closer in appearance and age, to the imaginary lover
who invaded her bedroom almost every night.

“Who are you?” She asked. Damian took a moment to let
his eyes roam over the girl’s body before he answered.
She was wearing a modest, by modern standards, two
piece bathing suit and was obviously preparing to do
some sun bathing.

“I’m your new neighbor,” Damian answered as he slipped
a joint between his lips, struck a match and, after
waiting for the phosphor to burn off, applied the flame
to the exposed end while he sucked on the other. After
a couple of experimental puffs to make sure it was
properly lit, Damian sucked the smoke deep into his

“My name is Damian,” he said while holding his breath,
“what’s yours?” The girl seemed to be mesmerized by the
glowing end of the marijuana cigarette.

“Mandy,” she finally replied, not taking her eyes off
the wisps of smoke rising from her neighbor’s joint.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Damian said, letting the remaining
smoke escape from his lungs. “Would you like some?”
Damian held the joint out towards Mandy, looking like
he had suddenly realized that he was being impolite by
not offering to share. Mandy looked at the proffered
hand rolled cigarette with a mixture of fear and

Curiosity, and a desire to not be perceived as an
inexperienced child, won; Mandy took the joint from
Damian’s fingers and, after looking dubiously at the
brown streaks developing along its length, placed it to
her pursed lips, sucked then coughed as tears began to
stream from her eyes.

Mandy could feel her face turning red with
embarrassment. Despite her parent’s opinion that the
public school she went to was floating in drugs, Mandy
had never seen anybody at her high school using drugs,
and no one at school had ever offered her any drugs.
Now this older, obviously more sophisticated man was
going to know she was nothing but an inexperienced

“That’s ok,” Damian said. Mandy looked down at the
ground trying to hide her shame. “That happens to
everybody the first time they try to smoke.” Mandy
looked up at her neighbor and found him smiling at her,
in a kind understanding way. “I thought I was going to
cough my lungs out the first time. Pot smoke can be
harsh on virgin lungs.” Damian smiled at Mandy, and she
smiled back.

“Try it again,” Damian said, with what Mandy thought
looked like a very impish smile. Mandy smile back, took
a smaller hit, and held it in a little longer.

“That’s it,” Damian encouraged his new friend as he
took the joint back from her and toked it.

“You want to come over and have a beer?” Damian asked
as he let the smoke flow out his nose. “We can sit by
my pool and smoke another joint and drink a beer.”
Mandy could feel she was moving into dangerous
territory, and it thrilled her. Mandy was tired of
being a child, she wanted to do adult things.


“Just let yourself in through the gate.” Damian
instructed as his head disappeared below the top of the
fence. Mandy’s fear and anticipation grew in equal
measure as she walked down the side yard of her
parent’s house, out the gate, across the property line
and in her neighbor’s gate. She found Damian sitting at
a white pool side table under a large umbrella.

Without speaking Damian pulled a cold bottle of beer
from an ice chest and set it on the table in front of
Mandy, then lit another joint and, after inhaling a
lung full of smoke, held it out in Mandy’s direction.
Mandy smiled shyly at the man and took the joint. She
wasn’t really feeling anything from her first couple of
hits. Mandy inhaled a larger quantity of smoke than she
had the last two times, and held it in longer before
releasing it. Mandy passed the joint back to her new
friend then picked up the bottle of beer.

Unknown to her parents, Mandy had already tasted beer
once before and, at the time, had wondered why anyone
would drink the stuff. Mandy brought the bottle to her
mouth determined to drink the contents without letting
Damian know how bad she thought it tasted. Damian
watched as his young guest sipped from the bottle.
Mandy was pleasantly surprised by how much better this
beer tasted than the stuff she had tried before.

She had not realized how thirsty she was until the cold
liquid hit her tongue. The small sip turned into
several large swallows. When she put the bottle back on
the table, Damian was holding the joint out in her
direction again. She still wasn’t feeling any effects
of the grass, so Mandy took the joint and inhaled more
smoke. As she held the smoke in her lungs, Mandy began
to move to the beat of the song playing on Damian’s
pool side stereo. She wondered why she’d never noticed
how sensuous this song was. Mandy continued to move
with the music while she took another drink of her beer
then accepted the joint back from Damian.

When the music stopped Mandy suddenly felt empty
inside, it was as if the music had filled some place
inside her body that she had never realized needed to
be filled until just that moment. Another song began to
play and Mandy felt like her body was being re-inflated
by the music. As she began to move with the beat of the
new song, Mandy reached for her bottle only to discover
that it was empty. When she turned to ask Damian what
he had done with her beer, Mandy discovered another one
being handed to her by her impishly good looking
neighbor. Mandy thought he must be psychic.

Mandy was surprised when Damian suggested, after her
second beer, that it was getting late and she should go
home. Mandy pouted outrageously, and insisted that she
had plenty of time for another bottle.

“No,” Damian said with a firm tone, “you go home now,
get ready for your parents to come home.” Mandy felt a
momentary surge of fear and guilt when Damian mentioned
her parents. Much sobered, Mandy went back to her
parent’s house and up to her room. Mandy slowly removed
her swim suit and discovered her skin was exceptionally
sensitive to the small air currents that normally went
unnoticed. Just walking across the room was enough to
send shivers down Mandy’s spine. Many loved reading “free sex stories” because they made her little pussy wet.

Lying on her bed, Mandy cupped her breasts and gently
pinched her nipples with her fingers. She felt like her
body had reacted almost sexually to the music that had
been playing on Damian’s stereo, without touching
herself, Mandy new that she was wet. Before continuing
to make love to her own body, Mandy climbed off her bed
and put her currently favorite album on to play. Before
reclining on her bed, Mandy danced around the room,
moving her naked body in ways she never would dream of
even with clothes on. She loved looking at freesexpictures especially boys with big cocks

The music seemed to grab the very core of her sexual
nature and squeeze it unrelentingly. As she moved to
the music Mandy cupped her breasts and strained to get
her mouth on one of her nipples. She almost cried with
frustration when, no matter how much she tried, she
could not get either of her nipples into her mouth.
Mandy desperately wanted to know what it felt like to
have her nipples sucked.

Dancing across the room, Mandy laid on her bed and ran
her hands over her naked body as she continued to
gyrate to the music. Mandy’s hands moved over her
breasts, her belly, her inner thighs, and finally her
wide open crotch. Two fingers gently stroked Mandy’s
hard, sensitive clitoris while fingers on her other
hand explored deeply inside her wet, virgin pussy. She
had never stimulated herself in this way before, in the
past she had always just used her open hand to rub
circles on her crotch.

Mandy pretended the fingers stroking her clitoris and
moving inside her pussy belonged to Damian. When Mandy
imagined Damian penetrating her virgin body, her back
arched lifting her fanny off the bed. With only her
shoulders and feet touching the comforter, Mandy’s
muscles knotted and relaxed rhythmically as she
experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life.

Mandy laid on her bed, her hands still moving over her
naked skin, the music still seeming to fill the empty
places inside her, while she caught her breath. She
stayed on her bed, naked and enjoying the new found
sensuous nature of her favorite music until she
realized that it was time for her parents to get home, so she would need to read the real sex stories after dinner when she could play with her little shaved pussy.


The next day at school, Mandy saw everything in a
different light. She detected an odor on some of the
other students that she had never been able to identify
before. On one of the breaks between classes, Mandy
went into the girl’s restroom just as three other girls
were leaving, the room quite literally reeked of
marijuana. Mandy shook her head thinking about her own
naiveté when she remembered how often she had smelled
that odor in this bathroom without having the foggiest
idea what she was smelling.

Mandy decided that perhaps her parents were right,
maybe the school was floating in drugs. Mandy began to
wonder why none of the drug users had ever offered her
some. The answer was painfully obvious, Mandy wasn’t
cool. She wasn’t hot either, she was pretty much a non
entity. By the time Mandy got home she had decided to
beg, borrow or steal a couple of joints from Damian and
use them to bribe her way into the ‘cool’ group.

Mandy put on her swim suit and headed for the backyard.
She could hear music coming from the other side of the
fence. Mandy got the step stool her mother used to
water the plants hanging on the patio and carried it
over to the fence.

“Hey you,” Mandy yelled waving at her neighbor.

“Hello Mandy,” Damian waved back, but did not seem to
be anxious to invite her over.

“Can I come over?” Mandy asked, determined not to be
dissuaded from her goal of procuring a couple of

“Sure, come on over.” Mandy climbed down off the step
stool then, after returning the step stool to its place
on the patio, she made the journey to Damian’s back
yard. By the time she sat down at his pool side table,
Damian had already placed an open bottle of beer on the
table for her, and was rolling a joint over the open
cigar box that he used to store his grass and papers.
Mandy picked up the cold bottle and drank even before
she sat down. Damian fired up the first joint and
passed it to her.

Mandy was amazed by how much more quickly she felt the
affects of the drug this day as opposed to the day
before. While the previous day she had been almost
overwhelmed by the beauty and sensuousness of the
music, today she found herself laughing, almost to the
point of hysterics, at everything Damian said. Mandy’s
cheeks hurt from smiling, her stomach hurt from
laughing harder than she had ever laughed before in her
life, and, somehow, she had accumulated three empty
beer bottles in front of her.

“Could I get a couple of joints from you?” Mandy asked
the question with exaggerated seriousness during a
brief pause in the general hilarity, then held her
breath waiting for Damian’s reply. She watched, with
growing anticipation, as Damian rolled two generous
joints then closed the lid on the cigar box and placed
the joints side by side on top of the box. Mandy felt
like her mouth might start watering as she looked at
the two marijuana cigarettes.

“Grass isn’t free,” Damian said turning to face Mandy.
Mandy’s face dropped, she felt almost like crying. “I
let you share my grass with me because I enjoy your
company.” Mandy smiled weakly at the compliment.

“Grass isn’t free,” Damian repeated, “but there are
other ways than money to pay for it.” Mandy swallowed
hard, did she really want the grass that bad?

“Stand up,” Damian took Mandy’s hands and pulled her to
her feet, then moved her over so she was standing right
in front of him. Before she had a chance to object,
Damian had slipped Mandy’s swim suit top up off her
breasts and began to suck on her right nipple. The moan
that came from deep in Mandy’s throat would have made
Damian smile, if his lips hadn’t been busy with her
hard, crinkled nipple. Mandy felt her knees go weak and
placed her hands on Damian’s shoulders for support. She
had been wondering for a long time what it was going to
feel like when someone finally sucked on her nipples,
and now she knew.

It felt better than anything she could ever have
imagined. It felt so much better than her own fingers.
It felt like a high voltage currant of pure sexual
excitement was running through her body from the nipple
Damian had his lips on to her pussy, which was now
sending urgent messages to her brain demanding
attention. Damian moved his mouth to her other nipple.
Mandy found herself both hoping he would, and terrified
that he might, pull her swim suit bottoms down and
touch her there.

After thoroughly sucking on each of her nipples, Damian
pulled Mandy’s face close to his and kissed her just as
thoroughly. Mandy returned Damian’s kiss while she
wished he had three mouths so he could suck on both of
her nipples, and kiss her, all at the same time. Mandy
was left panting and wishing for more when Damian
pulled his mouth from hers and placed the joints in her

“That’s all these two are going to cost you,” Damian
said with a devilish smile, “you’d better go home now.”
Mandy walked in a daze to the gate leading out of
Damian’s back yard, and only after she opened the gate
did she realize that her swim suit top was still up
under her armpits. With some reluctance Mandy pulled
her top down over her naked breasts. Mandy had to admit
that was enjoying the illicit thrill of having her
breasts naked outside, almost in public.

Mandy went directly to her bedroom. She did not
‘seduce’ herself, as she usually did, by caressing
herself and pinching her nipples. Mandy ripped off her
swim suit, flung herself on her bed with her legs
spread wide and her knees bent, and then ‘attacked’
herself with both hands. She continued with her self
stimulation until she had her third orgasm. As she got
dressed in preparation for her parents getting home,
Mandy wondered about how much better Damian’s mouth
felt on her nipples, and wondered if he’d feel that
much better than her fingers between her legs.


The next day at school, Mandy was absolutely convinced
that everyone she passed in the hallway could see the
joints in the zip lock bag resting on the bottom of her
purse. During the break before her last class of the
day, Mandy wandered into the girl’s bathroom where she
had most often smelled grass in the past. One of the
girls that, Mandy was sure, was responsible for the
smell was at the mirror, combing her hair.

“Hi,” Mandy said with a smile. The girl looked at Mandy
with undisguised suspicion. Even though they had
several classes together, they had never spoken before.

“Hi,” she finally said. Mandy dug into her purse then
came up with her zip lock baggie.

“Would you like to smoke one with me?” Mandy thought
the girl looked like a trapped animal as she glanced
around the small room, obviously convinced that some
form of trap was about to be sprung.

“Shit,” she finally said, “why the fuck not.” Mandy
followed the girl into one of the stalls.

“I never figured you for a stoner.” The girl said as
Mandy fired up the joint while trying to look like it
was something she had done before.

“Actually, I just discovered grass a couple of days
ago.” Mandy passed the smoking joint to her new friend.

“A newbie.”

“Yes,” Mandy admitted apologetically.

“My friends call me ‘Kitten’,” the girl told Mandy as
she passed the joint back to her. Mandy thought
‘Kitten’ to be a marvelously sexual nick name.

“I’m Amanda, but everyone calls me Mandy.”

“This is pretty good shit, where’d you get it?”

“From my neighbor, he’s the one who turned me on to

“He gave these to you?” Kitten asked, indicating the
joint they were smoking and the one still in the
plastic bag.

“Not exactly…”

“How much did he charge you?”

“Well, I didn’t exactly pay for them.” Mandy waited for
the censorious look from Kitten.

“That’s cool,” Kitten said, then took a hit from the
joint before she continued, “I’ve fucked for grass
before. I don’t know any stoner chick that hasn’t
fucked for grass occasionally. A lot of them won’t
admit it but, fuck them.” Mandy started giggling, which
started Kitten giggling. Mandy had never heard so many
‘fucks’ from another girl in such a short period of

“Fuck them,” Mandy said experimentally. It was the
first time Mandy had said ‘fuck’, and in some strange
way it felt liberating.

“Hay,” Kitten said with a smile, “you do what you got
to do. Hang on to the roach,” Kitten advised handing
the little, brown stub of the joint back to Mandy.
Mandy dropped it back into the zip lock baggie then
buried the baggie at the bottom of your purse.

“You ever been to class stoned?” Kitten asked.


By the time her last class was over Mandy was afraid
there was going to be a wet spot on the back of her
skirt. Kitten’s mentioning of ‘fucking for grass’, and
the memory of Damian’s warm, wet lips and tongue on her
nipples, had sent Mandy on a fantasy voyage of the type
she usually reserved for her nightly pre-sleep
masturbation episodes. Despite numerous efforts on her
part, Mandy could not pull her stoned mind away from
thoughts of what it was going to feel like when she
really did ‘fuck for grass’. After class Mandy walked
home, went up to her room and once again ‘attacked’
herself before putting on her swim suit and going next
door to see Damian.

After peaking over the fence to make sure her neighbor
was home, and being invited to come on over, Mandy
retraced her steps of the last two days and sat beside
Damian at his pool side table. Damian was reading what
Mandy first assumed to be one of the more scandalous
‘men’s’ magazines that her parents would never dream of
letting into their house.

Mandy had often thought her parents were so uptight it
was a miracle they managed to have even one child. On
closer examination, Mandy realized that the women in
the pictures weren’t just naked, they were tied up. The
sudden image of being tied up and helpless sent a surge
of erotic excitement through Mandy’s body.

Mandy took a closer look at her neighbor’s magazine.
Some of the naked women were tied up in ways that
seemed just plane silly to Mandy. What good was it to
tie up a girl with her legs held closed and her breasts
covered. Other pictures sparked Mandy’s imagination.
These were pictures of women tied with their legs
spread wide, ready to be used by any man who came
along, unable to stop any man who wanted to from using
them in any way they desired. Mandy wondered if Damian
wanted to tie her up and fuck her.

“I may supply you with pot,” Damian said as he
retrieved his cigar box from the seat of another chair,
“but you have to learn to roll your own joints. Mandy
had watched while Damian rolled joints and now she was
trying to duplicate what she had seen. While she
concentrated on papers and grass, Damian unhooked the
straps on her swim suit top and removed it.

Mandy was learning her first lesson about men; once
they have had access to any part of a woman’s body,
they feel like they own it and can use it anytime and
in any way they desire. Mandy found it difficult to
concentrate on rolling her joint with Damian’s hands
touching her breasts and nipples. She finally managed
to complete the task, and proudly held a ragged,
loosely rolled joint up for Damian to see.

“Light it,” Damian said without stopping his tactile
exploration of Mandy’s naked upper body.

“Come here,” he ordered rather gruffly as he pulled
Mandy from her chair and sat her in his lap, facing
him, and with one of her legs on each side of his.
Damian took the joint from Mandy.

“We’re going to smoke this one a little different,” he
announced, “I’m going to take a hit then, while I’m
kissing you, I’m going to blow the smoke out and you
will inhale it. Mandy could feel Damian getting hard
and pressing against her crotch through his shorts and
her swim suit bottoms while he sucked smoke into his
lungs. Damian pulled her close and, bringing their lips
together, explored Mandy’s mouth with his tongue while
he exhaled smoke into her lungs. Mandy’s head was

When Damian exhaled, Mandy felt like Damian himself was
entering her, not just smoke from his lungs. With her
breasts pressed against Damian’s chest, and his tongue
exploring her mouth, Mandy began to move her crotch
against the hardness pressing against her pussy. Mandy
held the smoke in her lungs until she thought she might
explode, then exhaled through her nose while her tongue
twisted and danced around Damian’s.

“Now you inhale and pass it to me,” Damian said after
breaking their kiss. Mandy sucked as much smoke as she
could into her lungs, then plastered her mouth to
Damian’s. Mandy quickly lost herself as she kissed,
exhaled slowly, and humped herself vigorously on her

Mandy pouted when Damian pushed her off his lap. The
pout ended when he pulled her swim suit bottoms down to
her knees then picked her up and sat her on the table.
Her entire body shivered when Damian pushed Mandy’s
legs apart and ran his hands down her inner thighs.

When his hands reached her crotch, Damian used his
thumbs to separate her pussy lips then leaned forward
and kissed her pussy just as he had kissed her mouth.
Mandy gasped when fingers other than her own touched
her for the first time. She gasped more loudly, and
moaned from deep in her chest, when Damian’s tongue
pushed deep inside her body.

Placing Mandy’s legs on his shoulders, Damian reached
up with both hands and grasped Mandy’s breasts while he
concentrated his tongue on her swollen clitoris. Mandy
flexed her leg muscles, pulling her older lover’s mouth
more snugly against her pussy.

“Oh fuck, don’t ever stop,” Mandy moaned as she ran her
fingers through Damian’s hair. As her first orgasm
coursed through her like an electric current, Mandy
wondered how she would ever be satisfied by
masturbation again. Mandy realized that her perfect man
would have to have four mouths. Mandy felt like her
entire body throbbed with pleasure every time Damian’s
tongue moved over her clitoris.

Mandy’s entire universe shrank until it was no bigger
than her clitoris, or her clitoris grew until it was
the size of the universe, Mandy wasn’t sure which. Nor
did she care. It was a glorious, vibrating, pulsing
universe. She closed her eyes and saw explosions of
blinding bright light every time the tongue flicked
over her clitoris. Mandy’s belly was beginning to cramp
as wave after wave of muscle tightening orgasmic
pleasure washed through her body.

Mandy lifted her head and looked around in confusion
when the delightful licking suddenly stopped. Hands
grasped her wrists and pulled her to a sitting
position, then off the table onto her feet. With a
mixture of excitement and fear, Mandy prepared to fuck
for the first time in her life. Unexpectedly, Damian
pulled her down onto her knees in front of him then
undid his shorts and pulled his hard cock into view.
With a hand on each side of her head, Damian pulled
Mandy’s head down to his crotch.

Mandy opened her mouth and took Damian’s rigid cock
onto her tongue. She was instantly fascinated by the
feel and texture of the shaft and head as Damian slowly
moved her up and down, fucking her mouth on his cock.
Mandy grasped the base of Damian’s cock with one hand
and moved her mouth up and down the shaft at the same
tempo Damian had been moving her head. With her other
hand Mandy reached down between her legs to finger her
pussy and clitoris. She could not remember ever being
this wet before. She knew, that if she kept this up,
she would end up with a mouth full of ejaculate.

Mandy did not try to pull back when Damian’s cock
spewed cum into her mouth. This man had just made her
feel pleasures she hadn’t even known existed a few
minutes before, and if he wanted to fill her mouth with
his discharge she was more than happy to take it.

Even before his cock stopped jerking in her mouth,
Damian pulled Mandy to her feet and onto his lap with
her legs on each side of his. There was no room for
question now, Mandy was about to get fucked. Being just
as eager for cock as Damian was for pussy, she reached
down and, grasping Damian’s hard cock, guided it into
her wet, open, virgin vagina. As she lowered herself
onto the rampant dick, Mandy could feel her cunt
stretching to accommodate the large shaft of flesh.

She could feel herself stretching, there had been
nothing bigger than her finger in her previously. As
she settled into Damian’s lap, fully impaled on his
hard cock, Mandy felt only a tremendous sense of
fullness. A wonderful new type of fullness she had
never felt before. As she rose up onto her tip toes,
and slowly sank back down on the hard shaft, Mandy
knew, beyond any doubt, that this was exactly what that
particular hole in her body was made for. Damian pulled
Mandy close and began to suck on her nipples while he
moved his cock deep in her body.

“Yes, fuck me,” Mandy moaned, on the verge of tears
from the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling.
Mandy thought she was feeling every thing she could
feel, until Damian gently pushed the tip of one of his
fingers into her anus.

“Oh, god,” Mandy gasped when the fingertip slipped into
her anal sphincter. “Oh, god,” she wailed in a long,
drawn out moan as the finger slipped deeper. Damian let
her nipple slip from his mouth and kissed up her neck
to her ear.

“Next I’m going to fuck this hole,” he whispered in
Mandy’s ear, pushing his finger deeper into her while
he talked so there would be no doubt witch hole he was
referring to, “then I will own you, you’ll be mine
mouth, ass, and cunt.” An orgasm more intense than
anything Mandy had ever experienced crashed over
Mandy’s body as Damian proclaimed his ownership of her
body and simultaneously thrust his finger deep inside
her ass.

“Yes,” Mandy whimpered in Damian’s ear, “fuck me and
make me yours.” Holding Mandy’s naked body tight
against his, and with his finger fully inserted in her
ass, Damian fucked her with long hard body pounding
thrust. Mandy held on to Damian and felt like she was
on the verge of passing out as his large cock
thoroughly and completely fucked her cunt. By the time
he pulled his still hard shaft from her pussy, Mandy’s
pot saturated brain felt like she’d spent a lifetime
riding Damian’s large flesh-rod.

With only a brief pause to rearrange Mandy’s body,
bending her face down over the table with her legs
spread wide, Damian knelt behind her and, pulling her
fanny open, pushed his tongue deep into her tight,
virgin ass hole. While he fucked his tongue in and out
of Mandy’s ass, Damian worked two fingers deep into the
hole his cock had just abandoned.

“Oh god, oh god, oh fuck, oh god,” Mandy chanted softly
and almost incoherently as the tongue and fingers moved
in and out of her body. Once Mandy’s nether hole was
sufficiently prepared, Damian stood behind her and,
after fucking his hard cock into her cunt a few times
to pick up lubrication, he lined his dick up with her
body’s only remaining virgin orifice, leaned forward to
grasp the edge of the table with one hand on each side
of Mandy’s head, and pushed.

Mandy’s face reflected the discomfort of having her
anus forced open. Tears streamed from her eyes as her
sphincter muscle stretched to the point it felt like it
was ripping. The stretching stopped, leaving Mandy with
a whole new feeling of fullness.

“Fuck yourself,” Damian ordered, whispering in Mandy’s
ear, “Fuck yourself with your fingers. Make yourself
cum while my cock is in your ass.” With tears flowing
down her cheeks, Mandy reached between her legs with
both hands and began to work her cunt and clitoris.
Damian used a handful of Mandy’s hair to lift and turn
her head, making her mouth available. Pushing his
tongue between Mandy’s lips, Damian explored her mouth
while he gently moved his cock in her painfully
stretched anus.

“It may take a few times,” Damian told Mandy as he
gently wiped the tears from her face after he pulled
his mouth from hers, “but you will get used to having
my cock in your ass.” He pulled his cock almost all the
way out, then pushed it back in before he spoke again.
“You might even get to like it.” Even though the pain
was subsiding, leaving the feeling of incredibly
uncomfortable fullness in its place, Mandy had her
doubts about getting to the point where she would
actually enjoy the experience.

While he fucked with long slow thrusts, Damian lit
another joint then held it to Mandy’s lips so she could
take a hit without stopping her frantic fingering of
her pussy. He encouraged his new pot-slut to take hit
after hit while he fucked deep into her ass. After
several minutes the seemingly impossible happened and
Mandy felt the warm melting feeling that was a
precursor of her orgasm sweep over her body.

That was followed only moments later by an orgasm that
caused her anus to clamp down on and massage Damian’s
cock. Damian held his dick deep inside the clasping ass
until his orgasm joined hers. When Damian pulled his
cock from her body Mandy felt a momentary emptiness
until her ass readjusted. Damian pulled her over to sit
on his lap and let his hands roam possessively over her
still naked body.

“I’ll keep you supplied with grass,” he promised Mandy,
“and in return I expect you to satisfy all of my sexual
desires.” Mandy nodded her head in agreement, then
looked over at the magazine.

“Yes,” Damian said noticing her glance, “I will tie you
up and fuck you’re helpless body to my hearts content.”
Damian brushed some wayward strands of hair from
Mandy’s face. “I’m going to use you in ways you haven’t
even begun to imagine. I’m going to make you do things
you’ve never dreamed of.” A chill ran down Mandy’s
spine with the certain knowledge that Damian would live
up to his promises.

Mandy put her swim suit back on, collected a bag of
grass and a packet of papers from Damian and headed for
the gate in the side yard. Mandy knew that her father,
if he knew, would call her a whore, a whore who fucked
for drugs. He was right, Mandy new she would be fucking
for drugs, but she was also going to be fucking just
for the joy of fucking.